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The patient occupies a unique role in the continuum of careand with healthcare knowledge becoming increasingly accessible to anyone with an internet connection, patients are more informed now than ever before.  

But, our world is far from a utopia where information is equal to empowerment – disparities between (and sometimes within) geographic regions, access to facilities and clinical trials, and, increasingly, the ability of the patient or caregiver to navigate the myriad technologies involved in day-to-day care can all affect just how empowered a patient really feels.  

By giving more patients unrestricted access to the knowledge and skills they need to take an active role in the management of their disease, and by creating an online environment that nurtures a transparent exchange of ideas, information, and intelligence, we are helping more patients make their voices heard. Wbelieve that a better-informed patient means better outcomes.

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Whether you are a health care practitioner looking to expand your knowledge or a carer explaining immunotherapy to a child or its family for the first time, we are here to help. Explore the resource library for an overview of resources relating to pediatric patients.

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While Immunotherapy has the power to change lives, it can be hard to find the information and support you need during treatment. Get an overview of the best information that will help you to understand your treatment, and direct you to the support you need by exploring the resource library.

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