The role of the coordinator nurse in the CAR-T treatment

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CAR-T cell therapy is a complicated process and requires the coordination of different disciplines. Nurses have a critical role in this process - especially in the coordination of the different departments and building a relationship with the patient. 

In this video, Marlene Vercasson, from the Lyon Hospital, shares her experience in the local CAR-T program and Juliet international clinical trial. She reviews the many tasks appointed to the coordinator nurse, in adapting care to the individual patient and making contacts with the Apheresis department, Tissue and Cells Bank, Hematology Ward, and Clinical Study Coordinator, as well as organizing the shipping of cells.

Nurses must also be aware of the different steps in the process, to program a patient’s hospitalization, and monitor adverse events after the infusion.

Watch the video to discover how nurses can facilitate the optimal management of patients undergoing CAR-T therapy and be part of such a pioneering and promising new treatment.  

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Last Updated on Wednesday 16 December 2020.