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As a primary point of contact for patients, the role of the nurse is pivotal to the continuum of care. While this can be true for any patient, it is especially true for hematology patients undergoing immunotherapy.

In supporting the patient or caregiver, the nurse will assist countless times throughout the course of the patient journey. This assistance can take many forms, including discussions on disease-management options, consent, treatment, identification and monitoring of adverse events, and coordination of the multidisciplinary team. Because treatments are often administered in regional specialized centers, isolation and anxiety can add to an already uncertain future caused by a poor prognosis: The nurse becomes the patient's compass and ensures a comprehensive approach to a complex situation.

By giving more nurses greater access to the specialized immunotherapy knowledge and skills needed to actively role manage their patients, and by creating an online environment that nurtures a transparent exchange of ideas, information, and intelligence, we are helping more nurses to make a difference. We believe medical education should be for everyone. 

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The Post-EBMT/CAR-T Nursing Session from VJHemOnc

  Feb 17 2021 Tagged CAR-T, Nurses

With leading experts, Erik Aerts, John Murray, Michelle Kenyon & Rose Ellard. Register now and learn more about key updates in oncology nursing from the recent EBMT/CAR-T meeting. Topics discussed include: Highlights from EBMT/CAR-T, establishing a multidisciplinary CAR-T communication board, immune cell therapies in solid tumors, treatment settings, how to support multidisciplinary teams, palliative care - when to introduce?, future of CAR-T therapies.

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