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The Role of Immunotherapy in the Therapeutic Sequencing for Relapsed/Refractory ...

  Nov 08 2020 Tagged MM, mAbs

The treatment landscape of relapsed/ refractory multiple myeloma has undergone rapid changes over the past 2 decades, with over a dozen drug approvals by the FDA.

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Chemo-free therapy for adult Ph+ ALL

A targeted and immunotherapeutic strategy including dasatinib and the bispecific mAb blinatumomab is able to successfully treat adult patients with Philadelphia-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), inducing 98% of hematological CR and 60% of molecular responses. These results, published on NEJM, were obtained without adding of chemotherapy, an innovative approach associated with high survival rates and few toxic effects.

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Human immunology and immunotherapy: main achievements and challenges

The development of different types of immunotherapies, including vaccines (prophylactic and therapeutic), and the use of pathogens, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cytokines, and cellular immunotherapies, are changing the way in which we approach many diseases, especially cancer.

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Fundamentals of nanoparticles in cancer immunotherapy and radiotherapy

Dr Selvaraj describes the future developments in this area, where next-generation nanoparticles could be developed to enhance the active targeting of tumour cells, and the compatibility with other anti-cancer therapies.

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Phase III CASSIOPEIA Impacts Treatment Decisions in Patients With Multiple Myelo...

Sonneveld says that not only high-risk patients but all those who are transplant-eligible and newly diagnosed may potentially have a new standard of care in the future.

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