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Fundamentals of nanoparticles in cancer immunotherapy and radiotherapy

Dr Selvaraj describes the future developments in this area, where next-generation nanoparticles could be developed to enhance the active targeting of tumour cells, and the compatibility with other anti-cancer therapies.

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Multiorgan Immune-Related Adverse Events During Treatment With Atezolizumab

Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) commonly target CTLA-4, PD-1, and PD-L1, which promote inhibitory signals on immune effector T cells against cancer cells. Although ICIs have improved outcomes in several cancers, their use is also associated with significant adverse events (AEs), including death.

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CAR T-Cell Optimization Starts in Production, Extends to Therapy

  Sep 01 2020 Tagged CAR-T

New technologies allow finer control of CAR T cells at every level—manufacturing, assessments of tissue penetrance, targeting, potency, and dosing.

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