EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Immunotherapy: Multiple Myeloma - More than CAR-T

The EHA-SWG Scientific Meetings are designed to create a high quality scientific program and to share in-depth scientific knowledge with hematologists around the world. The most recent meeting dedicated to Immunotherapy covered all the innovative therapeutic options based on manipulation of the immunity system available or in development for patients with hematologic malignancies.  

Last week we published a selection of sessions from the meeting, dedicated to checkpoint inhibition in hematologic malignancies. (View sessions here.) In this article we present two more lectures addressing the role and future perspectives of immunotherapies other than CAR-T, including bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug-conjugates and new immunomodulators in multiple myeloma (MM). CAR T-based treatments are revolutionary for patients with hematological malignancies, but numerous and equally innovative treatments are either in the immunotherapy pipeline or already in use at hematology clinics. Follow these lectures and learn how new immunotherapy approaches promise to change the therapeutic landscape of MM.

A comparison between bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell therapy for patients with MM is presented by Hermann Einsele, and Paula Rodriguez Otera shares an overview of new immunotherapeutic strategies in MM, beyond CAR-T cells, in her lecture. Click on the videos below to watch the sessions.

Stay tuned - more educational videos from this meeting will be made available in the upcoming weeks! 

Hermann Einsele (Germany) - Bispecific antibodies vs CAR T-cells for patients with MM 


Paula Rodriguez Otera (Spain) - New immunotherapeutic strategies in MM. Beyond CAR T-cells 

Last Updated on Wednesday 16 December 2020.