CAR-T cell therapy in the real world (EHA25 Virtual)

Managing complex CAR-T cell treatments in the clinical practice may be challenging, however several real-world data are currently available. Listen to Catherine Thieblemont discussing the main issues of CAR-T therapy delivery and results in the real life during the past EHA25 virtual congress. 

Several data from large B cell lymphoma (LBCL) patients receiving CAR-T cell treatment outside of clinical trials are currently available in Europe and in the US. In the frame of the EHA25 virtual congress, Catherine Thieblemont presented a overview of the main critical issues encountered in the management of these patients in the clinical practice, including topics like the duration between order and infusion of cells, selection of patients according to standard parameters, and management of toxicity. 

Watch this video to learn how CAR-T patients can be effectively managed in a real-world setting and which outcomes can be expected.  



Last Updated on Wednesday 20 January 2021.