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Through our network of global connections, we aim to make knowledge not just available, but valuable. We want to help you acquire expertise that can be directly applied to your practice. Explore the various medical education resources below:

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Cancer immunotherapy update

Because cancer treatment (surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy) frequently fails, research­ers began asking why patients’ immune systems don’t respond to cancer cells like they do to bacteria and viruses.

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EBMT CAR-T Cell e-Course

EBMT, in collaboration with Prof Christian Chabannon, offers a new CAR-T cell e-course for all members.

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Canadian Hematology Conference 2020

This conference covers a breadth of topics, including an interesting section on Immunotherapy. 

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TOUCHpanel: Discussion

Get an update on CAR-T therapy in clinical practice with this expert discussion on real-world data, patient referral and the important collaboration between referral and treatment centers.

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Targeting B-cell maturation antigen in relapsed refractory MM

In this CME activity, three myeloma experts discuss the most recent and up-to-date clinical trial information on this exciting topic. 

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COVID-19 & CRS: Lessons from Immunotherapy (Webinar)

Experts share their personal experiences and insights from the COVID-19 crisis in relation to physiopathology, treatment options, and (expected) drug shortages, in this webinar.

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Introduction to immunotherapy: What nurses need to know about emerging therapies

  Jul 10 2018 Tagged nurses, ICI, CAR-T

Immunotherapy is steadily becoming the standard of care for cancer patients. The rapidly advancing science behind immunotherapy offers oncology patients treatment options with durable responses and potentially less toxicity.

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