The European Immunotherapy net is a central resource platform that brings you the latest news and updates on all areas of immunotherapy. Powered by the European Hematology Association, this platform offers healthcare professionals and patients access to the best in scientific publications, research, continuing medical education, and more, via a digital community that nurtures a transparent exchange of ideas, information and activities.  

The European Immunotherapy Net is part of EHA’s comprehensive Topics-in-Focus program, dedicated to immunotherapy. The speed of change, innovation and front-line accomplishments in this medical field, create an increasing need for adaptations to new techniques and therapies. As such, the goal of this program is to address the needs of both healthcare professionals and patients, in all areas of hematology-related immunotherapy. This ground-breaking initiative aims to connect all stakeholders and harmonize education initiatives in immunotherapy education.  

Whether you are looking for the latest news and events in your area of expertise, information on grants and funding, access to the EHA’s highly specialized immunotherapy medical education initiative, or the opportunity to contribute to the global immunotherapy community, you’ll find it at here, at European Immunotherapy Net.